The X Agent Programme is Flexiroam’s newest partnership platform. Where you can make extra money and be part of a global drive that provides travelers with low roaming charges.

As an agent you will have:

  • No lock-in contract
  • No Sales commitment
  • Competitive Revenue
  • Weekly Payout
  • Nearly 500% incentive

A person who wants to make an earning freelance anywhere at any time.

The price is variable and depends on the current value of USD

The payment for orders can be made with your Debit/Credit card. You can purchase Flexiroam Credits in advance and make the payments when needed. There is no expiry of the credits bought.

If an X-Agent receives a damaged microchip, all he/she needs to do is to report one's complaint to our helplines ( +60-3-20540888 +60-19-291-2692). The defective microchip will be replaced with a new workable one.

By recruiting another X-Agent, you will be able to earn 20% on the first order they make and then with their preceding orders, you can earn 5%.

You can claim your incentive only if it is more than $50. The transfer shall be made with in 6 working days.

X is only available through X-Agents, Flexiroam airport outlets and Flexiroam HQ.

There are 5 different packages that you can order, starting from 10 packs of X to 100,000 packs.